Helicopter Services

Shuttle flights and crew change

Crew change flights instead of vessel transfers to offshore sites increase flexibility and productivity of oil rigs as well as safety for all workers going on and off the rigs.

NPES has the expertise to set up helicopter operations and to perform offshore flight operation under EASA standard. We have made first case studies in order to offer clients helicopter shuttle flights during late 2011/early 2012 pending on FAA- and EASA-certification processes.

Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS)

The helicopter is the fastest vehicle to save lives after accidents or illnesses like strokes etc. With our experience from different European countries we can help to set up Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) operations at remote bases.

Helicopter purchase and leasing

Buying helicopters is complex. Find the right helicopter, perform the inspections, finalise a purchase agreement, payment to escrow accounts and finally to organise the transport including all customs. We have performed different purchases and sales of helicopters around the world. Our team of experts including engineers and lawyers will support you to find the right aircraft and we take care of the whole transaction until the helicopter is at your base and ready to fly.

We are in contact with the world leading leasing companies and have closed several leasing agreements in the past years. Therefore we are happy to supply leasing options for new or used helicopters.


We are happy to serve for all Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) tasks and supply manpower.

As having worked for different helicopter operators we have deep insight in aviation and we know the consequences of having a helicopter out of operation for maintenance.

Therefore we have high experience of planning of tools, spare parts, working foundation and especially the right technicians for the specific tasks at hand in order to ensure you a minimum downtime.

All technicians and engineers are FAA / EASA certified and have a high level of experience in the industry.

Spare parts

Small spare parts like washers up to exchange of components like gear boxes or engines – no problem!

We are in contact with all OEMs and international spare part traders. All parts are new or overhauled by the manufacturer and will be delivered with FAA or EASA certificates. Immediate reaction and fast supply are our core interest to keep the operation running and to minimise downtime.


Flight training

NPES is in contact with several European certifies Authorised Training Organisations (ATO) for different helicopter models and types to organise and perform pilot training. Both initial and recurrent as well as type rating trainings can be offered.  The training will be performed in class rooms with state of the art equipment as well as fully certifies simulators. In general the training will be hold in English, but translators can be supplied.

Maintenance training

For technicians we can organise technical trainings at certified training schools including on the job training (OJT) for different helicopter models.


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N.P.E.S. Shuttle flights and crew changeN.P.E.S. Shuttle flights and crew changeN.P.E.S. Shuttle flights and crew changeN.P.E.S. Shuttle flights and crew changeN.P.E.S. Shuttle flights and crew changeN.P.E.S. Shuttle flights and crew change